The Impossible Song

When I see you
I see the true meaning of fire
And I burn.
When I get near to you
I lose my senses in a jade ocean
And I succumb.
And with every second of proximity
It is no longer I who feels,
It is your skin,
And the unmistakable wonder of your birth marks 
calling for touch.
What is the meaning of this infatuation?
The gentleness of your voice,
The sweet home in your eyes,
The ulterior protection in what I imagine is your embrace.
But alas, it is only your counsel and patience I get.
I am only a child, stubborn, young, simple,
In front of the supremacy of your body.
Defeated by the vastness of your vault.
And I’m only a lost cause
Unable to reach your lights,
Unable to break the bondage.
Is it an illusion?
Is it the grass shinning afar, yet near my sight
Blinding my sense and obligation?
Or is it you, who renders to me,
In the only way you could…
Proud, apart, father-like, caring?
Do you see the smallest token of virtue?
The tiniest faint of femininity?
The darkest bit of beauty in my eyes?
Do you secretly desire me with no other hope than reside?
No other hope but to welcome me as peer
Not as female, object of love and rendition?
Still, here I am, lost in the wee hours
Pleading your contempt in this rocky place
Singing for the impossible praise!

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