It’s a dark, rainy day around, and I’ve managed to come back to the feelings, to the old stories, and write them down, not to forget… Paper and ink, they do not forget. Recently those bright and green Irish summer days come and go (not today though)… but the actual summer (and its offering of liberty and deliverance) is almost gone. It is, however, a good time… a lighter time for my head and mind. I can breathe, limping from time to time, but I  C A N   B R E A T H E  by the virtue of simple magics, that were at hand for so long, yet neglected by my pride … Today, I just want to say I can breathe, and I can scream, and I can cry without dying inside, and I can sing, and I can run, and I can dream without dying inside… It was always dying, losing a battle against no one, gaining nothing. Today, I am breathing, and that is all that matters…

For the today’s feeling, I prescribe as the music dictates… with Ashes by Pallbearer


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