Of the Lost & the Found

13 July 2016

I burn absolute as the Zero
Paths of decay against the light
And you cry, you cry.
I smile as evil as the fierce Nature
Surrender to me in your delight
And you shine, you shine.
I lose myself in the crowds and the bodies
Broken pieces of my life in need
And you weep, you miss.
I come back home, prodigal and yielding
Wanting the strips of my kindred lost
At peace you, here at the West, them on the East.

Illustration Through the looking-glass by Agnes Cecile

The purest mirror

19 June 2016


Found you on the border of our lines
Hidden in an ocean of darkness
Burning innocence of a child
Came to a world too soon, too odd.
Magic seen in the new dimension of your eyes
Forbidden note of bond and love
Longing voice of a child
Lonely in a world too vast, too harsh.
Maps discovered in the touch of your skin
Telling me to follow you into your side
Welcoming embrace of a child
Forgotten by time, too sweet, too bad.
And now I’ve lost you in the vastness of the now
Craving for the knowledge of your heart
Marvellous secret of a child 
Came to my path, too late, too fast.