The tear beneath

13 July 2016


It is painful a laugh
At the drowning scene
It is torture to love
At the dawn of the Young age.
And to bleed is a lonely labour
For tears are only for thee
And to pretend is an empty candour
When the scuffle is beneath.
It is a dreadful vision
Blind bullets, bitter concord
It is that crystalline prison
Comfy home, draining patrol.
Here I am lost in a garden of my own
For the dark dimensions are endless
And impossible we roam alone in our blood
No touch, no consolation, no caresses.

Recipe of the Life

6 July 2016

Illustration Endless cycle by G1mm1ck

I was the daughter of the Sun
Running blindly to the Darkness
Innocent songs of wishes, desires
Guiding this will in sin, the hunter.

I was a disciple of Artemis
Running wild into Fierceness
Loud elegies of vision, faith
Growing this will in regret, the repentant.

I was a wanderer of the Forest
Running relieved from the pain
Penitent eulogies of love, kindness
Draining my will with blood, the druid.

I am an Alchemist of the Moon
Roaming blissfully in my surrender
Lustful odes of my Nature, ambitions
Making my will alive, the unknown.

Of the Lost & the Found

13 July 2016

I burn absolute as the Zero
Paths of decay against the light
And you cry, you cry.
I smile as evil as the fierce Nature
Surrender to me in your delight
And you shine, you shine.
I lose myself in the crowds and the bodies
Broken pieces of my life in need
And you weep, you miss.
I come back home, prodigal and yielding
Wanting the strips of my kindred lost
At peace you, here at the West, them on the East.

Illustration Through the looking-glass by Agnes Cecile


El silencio en tu recuerdo

17 mayo 2012

Es el silencio que mata
me devuelve a un mínimo estado,
a la más pura debilidad,
a los más arraigados temores.
Es tu rostro que veo
perdido en el Tiempo que rechacé,
atrapado en recuerdos construidos,
entre burbujas de polvo,
en los agujeros de mi memoria.
Y aunque es mi egoísmo quien hoy llora,
se queda muda la ciega Señora
porque no quiere creer
el testimonio que ante mí se revela:
¡tanto dolor en pago, en pago tanto dolor!
Las cuentas no se borran con los años
y te veo pagar, pagar con sangre,
mientras el alma no puede más que llorar,
y el cuerpo, el cuerpo menguar.
Se hacen duros estos labios,
y el corazón enciende la carrera
tratando de no quedarse atrás,
pero nadie se queda contigo
y el cuerpo sigue el chueco andar,
y aunque quiera regresar, allá va, él va.

Illustration by Greyguardian


"With just the door ajar"



Respira, cuenta hasta tres…
Cierra los ojos, bajar el velo
El ansia, el silencio
Dejados con él.

Vive, grita a las tres…
Olvida el alba y palabras
Incrustadas, cocidas
Dentro de esta piel.

Olvida, entierra mis voces….
En tu cielo, continuo respiras
Dueño del todo, la nada
Tu voulez me embêté.

En tus historias, mitos contrarios…
Habitas fuera de mi valor pasajero
Déjame impío, transgresor
Ideas fugándose en mis delirios.

Entregado en tu cordura…
Orden del alba, héroe del caos
Cristales de mi alma, la tuya
Huérfanos del ansia última.

En las letanías de mi pasión
Sumiso jerarca, altar de tu Saga
Te pierdes, te marchas
Legado decadente de tu voz.


The purest mirror

19 June 2016


Found you on the border of our lines
Hidden in an ocean of darkness
Burning innocence of a child
Came to a world too soon, too odd.
Magic seen in the new dimension of your eyes
Forbidden note of bond and love
Longing voice of a child
Lonely in a world too vast, too harsh.
Maps discovered in the touch of your skin
Telling me to follow you into your side
Welcoming embrace of a child
Forgotten by time, too sweet, too bad.
And now I’ve lost you in the vastness of the now
Craving for the knowledge of your heart
Marvellous secret of a child 
Came to my path, too late, too fast.

The Impossible Song

When I see you
I see the true meaning of fire
And I burn.
When I get near to you
I lose my senses in a jade ocean
And I succumb.
And with every second of proximity
It is no longer I who feels,
It is your skin,
And the unmistakable wonder of your birth marks 
calling for touch.
What is the meaning of this infatuation?
The gentleness of your voice,
The sweet home in your eyes,
The ulterior protection in what I imagine is your embrace.
But alas, it is only your counsel and patience I get.
I am only a child, stubborn, young, simple,
In front of the supremacy of your body.
Defeated by the vastness of your vault.
And I’m only a lost cause
Unable to reach your lights,
Unable to break the bondage.
Is it an illusion?
Is it the grass shinning afar, yet near my sight
Blinding my sense and obligation?
Or is it you, who renders to me,
In the only way you could…
Proud, apart, father-like, caring?
Do you see the smallest token of virtue?
The tiniest faint of femininity?
The darkest bit of beauty in my eyes?
Do you secretly desire me with no other hope than reside?
No other hope but to welcome me as peer
Not as female, object of love and rendition?
Still, here I am, lost in the wee hours
Pleading your contempt in this rocky place
Singing for the impossible praise!